Terms and Conditions

  • The applicant/student should have to accept all the terms and conditions mentioned here along with entire terms and conditions mentioned in our application form, prospectus, rules & regulations, student guidelines, and all those points should be cross checked and read by the student so that he/she can easily sign the documents.
  • The student/applicant must properly see and read the course and prospectus content to be satisfied however, it is the matter to be changed if the academy wants to do the same. The content can be added, altered, vary, modify or delete during any stage of the course execution. The student cannot claim against such changes.
  • The dual registration of the student by signing the academic papers for terms and conditions along with academic seat reservation will not be refunded or recovered in case student wants to discontinue/withdraw from the course, no matter what the reason is. Whatsoever is the reason, the academy is not liable to suffer any kind of loss in such cases by refunding the amount.
  • The academy may have affiliation with any institute/ university for which entire details will be there on prospectus and it will be the awarding body, in such cases as the student has gone through the terms and policies should be completely satisfied. There is no liability of the academy for any kind of awarding issues, no matter what the reason is Academy will not be responsible.
  • The course has been offered by the academy as per government (local/central/state government) polices, notifications, rules & regulations, in case any loss or damage of closure or academy activities disruption, unknown action from government, riot issues, law and regulations changes or any action which does not come under control of the academy will not be handled by us. No amount of the course will go for refund. Any personal of the academy or the academy itself will not be responsible to payback or compensation to the student.
  • The student who has approached to any course of the academy and take a step ahead for admission, made the payment during the course at said place and in any case the place has been changed during the course without any prior notification and here the educational classes will also be there at the new said place. It is an mutual agreement of academy and the student still any of dispute comes around then, it will only be entertained from New Delhi courts.
  • At present the location of academy will be the same as mentioned in prospectus and it is said to be there throughout the entire course. Still the student does not have any right to claim on academy if the academy is not able to continue the course there and wants to relocate at some near to places. Without any assigning reason, academy can shift the entire set of academics to the new place within 500 km, otherwise if the venue is beyond 500 km from existing place then, students can ask for refund if they are not willing to continue the course. The claim will be only for the left time of the course, the fees for duration student was the part of course will not be paid.
  • The academy has rights to rusticate the student in case of any violation or indiscipline. If he/she is not attending classes or found to set in any other class, student will be liable to ask the queries. In such cases, actions are taken by location head or some other authorised person connected to academy. This is also applicable when student has not good response in the class or he/she has poor attendance record.
  • It is compulsory to attend the class up to 90% to maintain the attendance record. There will not be any structure that allows student to be in exam if he/she has not 90% of attendance. The students are liable to maintain the decorum of the class, and they also have to maintain the discipline. To maintain the decency, the student should be well dressed. In campus premises the attire of student will be professional or as allotted during the time of admission.
  • Excluding brochure and its details, academy is not responsible for said promises like website, verbal commitments by any personal, counselor’ words. Not any personal from academy or office will be involved into this. The applicant/student need to be 12th passed along with minimum 50% marks. He/she can also apply if graduated from any recognized university.

Placement Assistance Rules And Regulations

  • In interview, exam, job, extracurricular activities, in any of them academy has not responsibility for the bad or good performance of the student. Academy is not bound to lapse or delay the exam if the awarding body is late or not present or any changes are made from awarding body. Academy is also not included there to be responsible for placement of the candidates. The interviews organized by company for students are a chance to grab good job if candidate has scored good marks in exams and crossed the interview too. It is a dual qualification concern. Only awarding body is responsible to give diploma, certificate and other certificates to the student.
  • It is completely dependent over the performance of student acquire any job. It is sole responsibility of the candidate. In this behalf, we are not responsible in any manner. Trainees can get only placement assistance if they are about to complete the course and are agreed to the norms designed by academy.
  • If trained declines to grab the job offer then, he/she might not be eligible for other placements. Placement assistance offered by the academy as mentioned in interview opportunity norms will be for the trainee only for two times. Eligibility criteria for candidates are:
    • The rate of attendance should be 85 percent or above
    • The placement offered by organization which is approved by academy will be for any location within the country or overseas.
    • Placement assistance would be in support offered by the personal Assessment Forms. According to candidates’ capabilities as well as preferences meeting to industry parameters, the assistance will be offered.


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