Privacy Policy

Thanks for your visit to TNC Aviation website and to review the company’s private policy. We are introducing only simple policy we have. We do not collect any private information of our visitor. Unless our visitor/customer are agree to share some information, there will not be any threatening concerns. We never share, sell, or transfer any sort of personal information to others/third party.

To know more about our process to record the non-confidential information of individuals regarding users/visitors’ visit or you have any doubt like “how TNC Aviation optimize information while you submit it on visit of the website voluntarily”, see the underneath points:

Non-personal Information We Record:

When you visit our website but don’t do anything excluding the browse operation of the website, reading pages, downloading information or any of operation from these all, only some general information will be recorded by operating system of the website computer.

At your visit, the recorded information from our operating system:

  • The domain details of your internet service
  • The operating system’s type (Windows, Unix or Macintosh) used by you
  • The time and date details of visiting our site, along with the webpage details you visited from our website
  • Previous website’s address, If you are visiting us through some linked website

All such information we gathered will be used for statistical analysis that actually helps us for making our website quite useful for other visitor and, here we do not save personal information.


To make your visit to our visit comfortable and interactive, we use Cookies on every page of our website. Cookie is known as a small file that simply gets transferred to hard disk of users’ computer, and in this way tracking the users become easy as well as users can get easily connected to the website through cookies’ help.

Not any of yours data and information will be stored in Cookies on TNC Aviation excluding the Browser’s session information. Without making you annoyed to provide similar information repeatedly while visiting one page to another, cookies assist you to use dynamic web pages and features too.

Protecting privacy policy becomes easy if you always close the browser appropriately once you finish the task you are doing over website. And if you close the browser then, chances of threatening data saved by Cookies become low. If you are quite conscious to keep the data protected that cookies save then, set a prompt to ask you whenever cookies store information. Most of the internet browsers have settings to allow, identify and store information. However, you can make the settings to deny information storage.

Information We Receive From You Via Mail:

When you send us an email then, the message will keep for sure you email id also. In case you send some personal identification information just to notify us the issue you are facing then, it can be used by us to respond to sort out the issue. However, email is not considered as secure source. So, always send only required and very crucial information for processing your request in right manner.

Information Collected By Interactive Forms of Our Website:

Over some web pages of the website, you may have to fill interactive forms where we receive the voluntarily information like email address, organization name, visitor’s name etc. This only happens when you register online counseling, quizzes, workshops, tests, training session etc over our website via TNC Aviation downloading forms. The information will be used for the purpose it is collected and it will not be shared with third party.

Links to Other Sites:

Our policy explores only our website’s privacy practices. TNC Aviation offers linking to other websites too. While leaving TNC Aviation (, you will be watching other websites and all those are not connected with us. These unconnected websites have their own cookies to collect your data. Our privacy policy is not connected to any other external link. We urge you for reading the privacy policies of any site if you find them linked to from ours, especially if you are sharing any personal information. Be informed and active. You are the only person which is best qualified for protecting your own privacy.